Just one more reason why Natasha Romanoff is awesome. These guys could easily have helped her get out from under these poles, which would have saved precious time. She sends them away. She doesn’t want them anywhere near a hulking out Bruce. Because she’s already endangered enough people with getting him on board and she’ll be damned if she takes two men more with her into death.

And she’s still afraid as fuck. The look on her face when they leave hurts. Because she knows she’s probably just signed her own death sentence.

[And she also knows, Clint would have taken a big dump on her orders and helped her anyway if he’d been here and not brainwashed by some crazy-ass alien with Daddy issues.]




make it double

Everyone needs the classic motto on their dashboard.

this is one of those gifsets you can hear

Okay, awesome story time. In middle school my entire grade had this project where we had to make up our own nation. We created our nation’s name, population, location, flag, exports, religion, holidays, national anthem, etc. We also had to create a motto/creed for our nation. Although I’m usually good at making up that kind of stuff on my own, I had a creative block and couldn’t think of ANYTHING awesome. So I just decided to use the the beginning of the Team Rocket motto. “To protect the world from devastation, to unite all people within our nation” I got like 3 high fives from people I’d never spoken to before, plus people who weren’t even in my presentation class told me I was awesome for doing it. The best part was that none of the teachers got it so they graded the motto as “super original”.

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